Sunday, April 19, 2009

Surviving the heat in Vellore

Summer has started, and both of us cannot remember it ever being so hot during our previous stays in Vellore! The fact that we stay in a room on the third floor probably contributes to the discomfort levels.

Anand especially is having a tough time. He has developed a bad rash (which we think is prickly heat) all over his body, and keeps scratching it and getting cut. A number of children develop heat exhaustion and heat stroke in Vellore every year. Please pray that Anand may be kept safe.

He has had a new summer hair cut! He now spends most of the day running around with hardly any clothes on, and climbs into a tub of water to cool off whenever he gets the chance.

Anand enjoying the mango season.

We have moved our bedroom to the kitchen to take advantage of the occasional cool breeze that goes through the passage. We have also bought a new cooler. This means, also, that we have had to take the big step of asking Anand to sleep seperately. We have built a new bed for him out of packaging material we picked up in the corridor of the dialysis unit next door. So far, he has taken all these changes very well.

Studies go on as usual.....slowly moving towards my entrance exam on May 14th. Usually CMC students have a big advantage in this exam, and most get admission. This year, however, quite a few former students are writing the exam, and so it is by no means certain that I will get in. I think it is better that way. We are praying that if this is not God's will, He will close the door tightly shut, and show us clearly His plans for our lives.

I have been reading 'The Ragamuffin Gospel' (Brennan Manning) over the last few days, and have been stirred to much joy and delight in God's amazing love for hopeless, helpless ragamuffins (like me!). Do read this book if you have the chance. It is a good companion to 'What's so Amazing about Grace?' (Philip Yancey).

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Juliana Abraham said...

Anand is getting so big! I especially like the picture of him sprawled out and asleep! Babies are just so adorable when they are sleeping.

We'll be praying all goes well with your exam, Pradeep!

I haven't read ragamuffin gospel, but I think I've seen it on one of our shelves at home, so I'll have to make a point to read it sooner than later.

Hope you're enjoying mango season. :) Sounds yummy!