Thursday, April 9, 2009

Deborah Drapper

Today we came across this interesting site, The Rebelution, and the story of Deborah Drapper.

The two of us have also watched a couple of videos of the BBC documentary on her. The first of six parts is here.

We have then had a number of interesting discussions! We plan to watch the rest of the videos tomorrow.

Juliana, you may find this way of telling the Easter story interesting.

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Juliana Abraham said...

Thanks for the Easter link! We'll have to try that out. I think Safina would enjoy it.

I watched the 10 minute video. It would have been fun to be a part of your discussion on this.

I was not home schooled. I have considered it and really thought about my motivations for even considering it. And, a big motivation for it is a fear that Safina will be mistreated. But, fear should not be my motivation for doing or not doing something!

I kept thinking, however, as Deborah was talking about her life about all of the things she was 'being deprived' of. And, I found her father's comment to be very interesting. That he's grateful his children are missing out on being bullied, peer pressure and a lot of the negative aspects of school outside of the home.

Very interesting and challenging to think about!

Have fun discussing...