Friday, April 24, 2009

in the final stretches...

Well with less than a month to go before my due date, I can honestly say, I wouldn't mind going a little early! But, so far this baby is quite content and will probably hold out till the end. My appointments are every week now and my doctor said that should I go to 40 weeks, it's likely we will have a 7 1/2 to 8 pound baby (3.41 - 3.64 kilos). Safina was 6 pounds 12 ounces (roughly 3 kilos). What's amazing about this is I'm following right after my mom in terms of how big we each were when we were born. So, that is fascinating to me how there does seem to be a link from generation to generation.

Safina is starting to sort through her toys, on her own, and pick out things that the baby will like to play with. She's changing her dolls diapers, feeding them milk from a cup and with a spoon. And, wanting to carry her dolls in her backpack on her back. So, this is all very exciting for us. I hope and pray she will have an easy adjustment to being a big sister.

We're looking forward to Mummy's trip out here. It will be a huge blessing to have her here as we all make the transition.

We're thinking of all of you. And, hoping Cheryl is not too stressed and that studies are going well for Pradeep too. Keep us posted with how things are going with all of the exams.

juliana for all of us...

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