Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Healing of Reconciliation

I have just read this story and been amazed at the power of the Gospel to change lives, and the healing that comes through seeking (and giving) forgiveness. Also watch this video of the same incident.

I wonder if we in India could witness some day healing between members of the Muslim and Hindu communities in Gujarat, or the Sikh community and the ones who hunted them down in 1984, or the Christian community and the ones who continue to target them systematically in Orissa.


Juliana Abraham said...

This is incredible and a wonderful example of God's indelible grace for us!

Anugrah said...

I don't know about reconciliation and healing between Hindu & Muslim communities ... but we can think about reconciliation when our community is involved.
When Orissa was burning, it was the Christians who were oppressed, but I wasn't one among them. That was a personal struggle at the time. It was the poor tribal who had put his faith in Christ who was oppressed, not me.
How could I bring reconciliation when my house wasn't being burnt down or my sister wasn't being raped?
When I read the article you recommended, I was struck by one thing - the cost of forgiveness and reconciliation. It took the black Congressman a punch in the face and the humiliation that came with that... to be in a situation of forgiveness/reconciliation.
As people who aren't particularly oppressed too much, what is the frame of reference for us to consider options for forgiveness & reconciliation.
Could identifying with the oppressed be step 1? That is what Jesus did, didn't he? He stood in front of us and took the punch in the face. He quite vividly commanded us to do the same. But its just so darn difficult!!!
Yesterday a cop's lathi smashed into a rickshaw. I didn't stand in the middle. Today an RWA official threw a hawker out of his place on the pavement. I stood for 5 minutes wondering what I should do... With too many conflicting thoughts in my brain, I walked away.
Healing? Reconciliation? Forgiveness? We know how to get there... the way is too bloody tough... damn the cross!

Juliana Abraham said...

Hey Anugrah - You have such a genuine heart! I was remembering when I was in India the first time. I had gone out with you and Cheryl and after dropping Cheryl off at home you and I were driving back to 24rr. It was dark outside and as we stopped at a stop light, a man next to us skid off his motorcycle. You immediately stopped the car, rolled down the window and asked if he was alright. Shocked by the slip and possibly your kindness the man nodded yes, without much thought and then sped off. But, that was such a cool thing for me to be a witness too.

There are so many instances when we are faced with a dilemma, or an injustice and we don't know how to respond in the split second that it is occurring. But, I do believe that God does help us along in those times when we know how to respond in an instant. And, in other times, when we're frozen still, sometimes the only thing we think to do is just pray and ask God to be present in the situation. And, that's not to be overlooked.

Anyway, just thought I'd share that memory!

love, juliana

Anugrah said...

I guess you're right Juliana. In fact "spot-on".
Just reminds us of how far we have to go on this journey of growth.