Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Safina's eating for the baby...

Just thought I'd share this story real quick. At our daily meals, I've been telling Safina that my food goes into my tummy and that's how the baby eats and grows. We have come up with many tricks to try and encourage Safina to eat her food too. One of them is to cover our eyes while Safina is taking a bite and then uncover our eyes and ask her excitedly "where did it go?" Safina usually responds with a smile saying, "It's gone" or "It's in my tummy". So, I was playing this game with her today and after I uncovered my eyes and asked her where her morsel went, she responded by saying, "In my tummy, my baby sister ate it." :) So, now when she eats she's also feeding her little baby sister. And, she also tells us when her baby sister wants milk to drink. So, needless to say, she has been eating and drinking her milk really well today. :)

Love, juliana

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