Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Trip to Mahabalipuram

We were really blessed to be able to go with Prashanth, Joanne and Tamara to Mahabalipuram last weekend for a very refreshing holiday.

Here are some pictures from our camera. Jo has taken some excellent snaps on their camera as well.

We stayed at the Cornerstone Family Life Centre, a really beautiful and well kept Christian guest house which is right on the beach.

This is the life!

'A pleasant walk, a pleasant talk
Along the briny beach...'

Building castles with Tammy

Big Brother!


Juliana Abraham said...

What sweet, sweet pictures. So, Mahabalipuram is on the West coast of India? Were you able to swim, or were the waves too rough?

Pradeep said...

Actually, unfortunately, none of us ever learned to swim. We went waist deep into the water, and completely enjoyed the experience. Anand was alternatively tentative and brave...but enjoyed himself as well