Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Library on my bed

Its been interesting hearing what others are reading and how they are processing it too. Talking of reading habits, I'm eclectic, and have my paws (among other things I'm enjoying 'winnie the pooh' again) in many books at a time. A friend seeing the range and number of books I was going through at a time commented that I literally had a library on (not besides) my bed : )
So here is my current library....

"The cloister walk", Kathleen Norris
"Finding Sanctuary", Abbot Christopher Jamison
"Silence and honey cakes: the wisdom of the desert" Rowan Williams

I tried figuring out how Pradeep does that thing with jackets and links... alas I am totally net 'unsavy'. But I hope to tell you more about the above three books (the first a gift from Anil and Nisha, the other two from Katharine's great treasure trove that is at my disposal for the year!!), All are about monastic and contemplative life but also speak to me as I live a different yet in some ways similar commitment to the community Asha Niketan that is mine for the moment.

Another book I just finished is "The fishes come home to roost", by Rachel Manija Brown - a very well written, painfully honest yet humorous account of a young American girls life in small town India (Ahmednagar) when her parents move across the globe to join a Baba's ashram.
On the side I also dip sporadically into Amy Carmichael's poems - an amazing collection called Mountain Breezes, Tagore's Geetanjali, and Kabir's shloka's. Does anyone have any memories of studying the last in School? Bangalore recently had a Kabir festival which is what got me interested in him again.

Anugrah, I have quite a few Henri Nowens (back room cupboard and can get you any of the other Indian editions published by St. Paul's. , so let me know your wish list.... about a year ago as I moved to Bangalore I read his "With Burning hearts - a meditation on the Eucharist" and found it very meaningful as it was based on the emmaues walk, and talked about relationship. AT that time especially, it prepared me for the new community and people I was coming to be part of. I'm currently reading another one of his called " our greatest gift - a meditation on dying and caring". I picked this up again after Albert (the assistant on our team with acute kidney failure) suddenly lost his father to a heart attach a couple of weeks ago. Do pray for him. Medical treatment is going to be difficult and his creatinine levels are quite high. So far no other symptoms though. But he is very disheartened. So hard to know what he can do and how we can support him....
I've read the Sabbatical journey too, and would love to hear about your reflections on it Anugrah....

I'm just back from an unexpected family reunion in Hyderabad (thanks to some really depressing property disputes). Juliana, thanks for the pictures of Safina and Serena. I printed out a few for Granny and she has added them to her collection in front of her bed!
Had a great time with Anand ....he was the only male in t he houseful of ladies at Granny;s. Will figure out next time how to post pictures of that on line. Looking forward to mothers visit tomorrow...and Delhi next weekend...Yipee.


Ashita said...

I need a crash course on blogging. I started writing this post a week ago ...could finish it only today. realised it got posted as last weeks though i have more recent nows... anyway... the last few paragraphs were added today!!!

Pradeep said...

As administrator, I've been able to get your post today's date (by clicking edit post...then post options....and then choosing today's date).

Thanks for posting. I especially appreciate that you are able to get to do this in the middle of all that is happening at Asha Niketan.

I usually get the jackets for the books I am writing about by doing a google image search for the book, and then copying the image location (by using the right mouse click for that option)

I then click 'add image' (one of the options above the post you are typing) and choose the option 'add image from the web'. In the box saying url I paste the image location. Then click upload image.

Try it! Its fun!