Thursday, August 27, 2009

Old Irish Saying

There's an old Irish saying that goes something like, "A good swimmer makes a terrible sailor". And, it seems to be true. We have an Irish friend who is a great sailor, but doesn't know how to swim, which is probably why he sails so well.

Anyway, yesterday marked Serena's 3-month birthday!!! I took her in for her check-up and she got one immunization at this appointment. Safina was with me. I was preparing Safina for what was going to happen to Serena just so that she didn't get upset and when we were in the office waiting for the doctor to come in Safina started patting Serena and said, "it's alright Serena, you're going to get a shot, but I'm right here." And, then after the shot, Safina gave her lots of hugs and kissed the little spot on Serena's leg where she got the shot. It was very sweet to see. She's a really good big sister.

She's also a prolific climber. I took her to the park after the appointment and there is a rock wall where kids can climb. This is usually done by kids twice Safina's size, but she can scale that wall so well. Other moms were standing by and were holding their breath as they watched Safina climb. But, she really is good on her feet and just seems to have a knowledge of hand-eye-foot coordination. It's really impressive.

And, Serena is our mellow baby. She is just so mild, loves to converse and smile. She tracks all of us with her eyes, but loves to watch Safina.

Next week we're off to the 'seasore' as Safina calls it. It's our first real family vacation in a really long time. It's hurricane season right now, so we were a little concerned that the weather would be bad at the time when we were at the shore, however, the projected forecast looks great. We should have beautiful sunny weather, and not too hot and sticky. Our A/C is out at our house, so we're looking forward to the nice reprieve. We're trying to hold off as long as we can to repair the A/C because more than likely we'll have to replace the entire cooling/heating system. It's about 20 years old and just an enormous cost to replace. It's something that we'll have to replace though before winter settles in. We can manage living with out A/C in the summer time, very miserably. But, it's just not possible to go through winter without heat in this climate.

Anyway, I hope to type up a more in depth update on the girls and send it on. I've also posted a few videos on my facebook page. I'll have to upload some on this page too.



Pradeep said...

I have tried a number of times to find your facebook page, but have not been able to. Anugrah suggested I find your page from his list of friends, but I do not find your name listed there either.

Have you opted to keep your facebook page secret or unlisted or something? If so could you please invite me to view your page? My address (that I use for facebook) is pjninan(at)yahoo(dot)com

We are really waiting to see more of Safina and Serena (and both of you as well!). Are you planning a trip sometime soon?

Juliana Abraham said...

Hey Pradeep, I just found you in Anugrah's list of friends on facebook. I'm not sure what my settings are. I'll have to go in and check. That's strange that you weren't able to find me. I'm sorry about that and will have to change it in case others are blocked too.