Saturday, March 28, 2009


Hi everybody,
As more of us move all over India, and all over the world, it has become more difficult to stay in touch with each other, keep up with developments in each of our families, and remain concerned and pray for each other. I was wondering whether blogging might help.

I have made each of us authors of this blog. As a start, I have appointed Anugrah and myself as administrators of this blog, but we could rotate this as we go along.

I suggest we upload frequently updates of what we are going through. It is easier to sustain interest when we keep writing small frequent blogs rather than infrequent (and therefore long) epistles. We could periodically upload photos and videos. We can provide links to articles or news or sites that we are finding interesting, and share stuff that we would like prayer about. If some of you are concerned about privacy issues, I have read on this site that it is possible to restrict the readership of this blog only to those we permit to read this.

So please do begin writing in.

On behalf of the Abraham family, I declare this blog OPEN ! (fanfare, applause and fireworks)

Let the games begin!

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