Saturday, March 28, 2009

Some photos

Nice to see some action on this blog!

Here are some photos from this trip.

The family photo: taken in typical Abraham style in a hurry one morning before everybody dashed off in different directions. Wish Ashish, Juliana and Safina were around to make things feel more complete! Also wish we had used red-eye reduction!

A video of Anand teaching Sweety how to use a phone.

We'll upload more stuff as we go along.

This trip has been great for all of us. It has been so good meeting again, and Anand has soaked up all the love and affection and attention from all of you. I have found all the conversation and discussion refreshing, thought-provoking and challenging, and been inspired by visiting Anugrah and Cheryl's home in Seelampur.

Do pray for me as I prepare to write this entrance exam on May 14th, and for our family as we pray for God's direction for the way ahead


Juliana Abraham said...

The video is just darling. I don't think he could be any more adorable and I love how conversational he is. He'll do well in future discussions 'Abraham' style and probably 'Ninan' style too.

Anugrah said...

thickle thuckle tickle thaayo.... huh? huh?