Monday, March 30, 2009

from Lamtaput

Hi All,
thanks pradeep for setting this up, and like Cheryl, this is my first ever attempt at blogging.

exciting...discovered devnagiri script and couldn't get out of it for a while and wondered if my first ever attempt at blogging would have to be in हिन्दी. Cool huh!

Really enjoyed the short yet intense holiday at 24 rr. Spent some time on the train to Orissa reflecting on conversations, arguments and all the cutest Anand signs, sounds, words that I experienced at 24rr. Thought about family blogs and the name... and actually came up with one quite close. (24rr... and as far as the pendulum swings). If Anugrah has the time and inclination he can explain what that might mean.. There was some deep stuff he mentioned about belonging and all.

had a restful and not too hot train ride to orissa. For those who don't know and for me to remind myself (i'm here on architectural work!). enjoyed reading the kite runner. got off at Muniguda and visited with Johnny and Mercy at Bissamcuttack. they asked after all of you. mercy had a severe back pain but was thrilled with mum's cape gooseberry jam. Met a friend, Binita yesterday at Jeypore and reached lamtaput by Lunch time... have been constantly answering people's queries about aunty, uncle, bhaiyya, bhabi, arpita didi (and if I had any good news from Anugrah bhai and cheryl didi). So you all are very much in peoples minds here.

trying to adhere to pradeeps suggestion of keeping posts frequent and brief...
so will end for now,


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