Saturday, March 28, 2009


Hello All,
Just testing to see whether this works. Have never blogged before. Thanks Praaaaadeep (Sweety emphasis added), for getting this started and for warning against long boring narrations. so to keep this short:
Humm.... well, Anugrah and I have moved to Seelampur, thanks to those of you who helped and prayed with us through this move. We actually are beginning to love our stay here. We're getting over our fears and interacting more freely with people. We're overwhelmed at the end of the day by what we see and what we fail to, but we're happy to be on this side of the river. We're learning how to give more freely but at quite a cost and sometimes to our amusement. I took down some old curtains and kept them outside our door coz they were dusty and within an hour they were hanging on the landlords door... I took off my sandals coz i do that before entering our room and within a few minutes they were on the next door girls feet as she was off to school and felt like wearing mine that day!
Some of the big challenges for me are the sight of crap (human, animal) all around and the crunch of dust on every concievable item that we own. The thing that humbles me the most is the smile and contentment on most of those around me.
Anyway, on the whole its going great. Anugrah and I are getting to spend good time together and learning from each other as we interact at different levels with so many people in the day.
I'm in the library, I have exams at the end of April which again will be testing time for a lot of people around me. Please pray....
tata and look forward to reading about all of you.
Highlight of the month: our little boy anand!!!!!!!!!!! he's adorable and loving and so happy all the time.

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