Thursday, May 7, 2009

First time blogger

Hi everyone,

I have been planning to contribute something here for a log time. It happens now. I thought I will give an update on what has been happening here.

There were a lot of activities at 24RR during the past few weeks. Ravi George from Lamtaput were here for a few days. Mummy's birth day, with special singing by a Quwali group was a major highlight. Granny went back to Hyderabad. Then we had our 37th wedding anniversary. Last week Nirupa had an emergency appendicitis operation in Scotland. All of us were there with the puliyels to help with ticket bookings for Shiela and to pray with them them.

However, the highlight of the past month was Cheryl's exams - preparation and writing. Cheryl has been remarkably cool this exam season and seems to be doing fairly well. Tomorrow is her last exam and they plan to go back to Seelampur.

Mummy has been busy finishing her report of the last assignment in Nepal. She leaves tonight to US. She is a bit nervous about travel, but is looking forward to the time with Ashish, Juliana and most of all with Safina. She will be there to welcome Safina's baby sister. I am trying to reconcile to the fact that I would be alone for five weeks.

I am currently reading a book "Language of God" by Francis Collins. More about that in the next posting.

I am asking Anugrah to down load and post some of the recent pictures.

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Pradeep said...

Welcome, Daddy! Its good to read your post. Now if you could just persuade Mummy to accept my invitation to become a contributor to this blog as well! I have sent invites to her and Kutta uncle three times already, but they have not joined yet.

We are also looking forward to more posts from Cheryl after her exams, and Sweety and Ashish and Girly and ...