Friday, May 15, 2009

and we wait...

Thanks Ashita for your post!

We are well. Safina is enjoying spending her days with her Granny! There's just something special about grandparents and grandchildren just seem to know they are special and loved by them. It's pretty sweet how when Safina even just barely hears Granny's voice approaching, she'll abaondon whatever she is doing to run and give Granny a big snuggle!

Pradeep and Cheryl - please let us know the results of your exams. I'm sure it's a relief to have them over with, but now waiting for results can also be stressful.

The weather is quite pleasant here this spring. Usually it heats up and gets quite humid. I generally like to start running more consistantly outside this time of year. So, I'm a little disappointed that I can't this spring - especially with such great weather. But, we try to go for walks outside as often as we can and that helps cure my cabin fever a little.

Safina's imagination seems to be expanding quite a bit these days. And, will walk around the house having the most delightful conversations with people. Even with us, she enjoys telling us lots of stories. It's also incredible to see how strong her memory has become.

One of the great joys about being a mom is to experience Safina's growing faith. I think you mentioned something, Ashita about inclusivity/exclusivity, I'm not sure. But, it's just so amazing how Safina is so 'inclusive' when it comes to loving. And, she has no inhibitions. I had taken her grocery shopping with me and we were in the shop going up and down the aisles and she was singing 'Jesus loves me', at the top of her lungs, into this microphone Ashish had picked up at a second-hand sale. And, I couldn't help but smile and almost wish that I expressed my love for Jesus with that type of fervor and complete abandon! She teaches me a lot each day.

Anyway, I hope you are all well. We continue to stay busy somehow. Please keep us in your prayers, esp. Ashish - he seems to manage so much between consulting and his other work and time spent with us. I feel he gives the best of himself to us and somehow continues to make such strong business relationships. But, with the baby coming, I know the first few weeks/months will be quite challenging for us in terms of finding the right balance.

Love to you all,

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