Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Anand's third birthday

Some photos from Anand's third birthday on November 23rd. Its so hard to believe our little boy is now three!

We had a great time of celebration over the weekend. Prashanth, Jo, Tammy and Dad drove down from Bangalore, and we had invited some other families over for dinner. Jo had baked the yummiest cake in the shape of a teddy bear, along with a whole set of cookies, and Arpita, as usual, managed to put together a rich spread for dinner.

Anand thoroughly enjoyed himself, and especially enjoyed unwrapping and discovering the various gifts he received. A week ago, he had invited his grandmother in Bangalore to come for his birthday party, and then told her, "Don't forget to bring me a gift!"

And yes, he did receive some amazing gifts!

Cookies from Aunty Jo

Thanks, Aunty Jo!


Thank you all for your love and affection.Many of you have sent such sweet messages of love and blessing. We feel so blessed. Do continue to support us as a family in prayer.

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Juliana Abraham said...

Happy Birthday, Anand! What an exciting event. Three years does just go by so fast, doesn't it?!?

We are grateful for the gift of Anand's life!

I just read this quote in an article in a publication we subscribe to that said the two most important days in a person's life are the day they are born and when they discover why they were born!

Anyway, a cool thing to think about for ourselves, but also for our children!

juliana for all of us