Saturday, June 20, 2009

first few weeks

Congrats Pradeep on your success and additions to the family. :)

To give a brief update, we are all loving little Serena. Safina is VERY affectionate, so loves to give lots of kisses and hugs.

Serena reminds us so much of Safina, though she is certainly a different baby. My sister says Safina has my personality and Serena has Ashish's...

anyway we love you all!



Anugrah said...

I was thinking Serena should turn out more like you... since everything that I've seen of Safina reminds me so much of Ashish's personality... but thats only what I see from far off.

Juliana Abraham said...

I think my sister was teasing me when she said Safina was more like me and Serena was more like Ashish. Because Safina has always let her voice be heard. When she was an infant our friends at church could recognize her cry just by walking by the nursery. Serena is very much like her name, calm, peaceful. Even at night when she's hungry, she'll just start grunting a little and rarely ever cries.

That and when Melissa was staying with us, Safina would hop up on the bed where she was sleeping and just start poking at her and bugging her to wake her up, which is what I do to Melissa too as her big sister. :)

I think both of our girls have different traits that are seen in myself and Ashish. It's amazing how much is learned behavior though. :)