Friday, June 12, 2009

Exam results, and our extended family

My results are now officially out, and I have been selected to do Paediatric Surgery. This means that we will be in Vellore for at least the next six years.

Please thank God with us for the guidance and direction we have received, and the way God has opened up the path before us in every detail. Please pray for us as we try to find His purposes for our lives individually and as a family for this time we will spend in Vellore.

We are now officially eligible for a house, and will be placed on the waiting list, which means that sometime over the next six years we should get a house. Not that we are complaining! Frankly, we have thoroughly enjoyed the year we have spent in this room. Today, we welcomed four more additions to our family. Anand is thrilled!


Babu said...

Congratulations, Pradeep!!!
Special congrats on coming first in all the tests. Great!
Praise God that you will not have any more uncertainty for six years at least. I believe this is God's way of confirming his plan for you for the coming years.

Also welcome to the extended family. Looks like Anand is having so much fun with them. Thanks for these cute videos.

Love, Daddy

Anugrah said...

Congrats Pradeep... Good on you!!!
and in the words of Cheryl... "Pradeep is very clever!!!"
May God bless you guys in the coming years that you are going to spend in Vellore!
oh and also, for the sake of posterity... I think when Anand grows a little older he'll thank me for requesting you not to video him (& publish to web) while he's pooping!
Besides that the videos were fab... this way we'll witness every inch of his growth (Salman Khan abs included)!